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Tooth replacements, implants

Have you lost your teeth?

implant1aPlacing implants is the most up-to-date method available for replacing lost teeth, using organic ingredients – they are safe, precise and anti-allergenic. By using implants it is possible to replace any number of teeth either with fixed replacements (crowns, bridges) or removable dentures. Optimadent has a long, 8 years experience in dental implant treatments.

Key to our success:

  • our dentists are experienced and highly-skilled dental professionals,
  • we  exclusively use bio-compatible and non-allergic materials,
  • we are keeping the whole practice up to date and embrace the lates technology available to provide our patients with the high level of service.

Why is it crucial to replace missing teeth?


A missing tooth can make the neighbouring teeth ‘move’, and the opposite tooth may also get loose.  It can cause chewing and digestion problems and osteoporosis in the long run.

Placing dental implants is a process, which replaces tooth with a tooth, depending on no other teeth by doing so. Placing even one implant can prevent serious health problems.  Dental implants provide ideal aesthetic and health solution for not only those patients who either have several missing teeth or used to wear removable dentures, but also for those who have only one missing tooth. Even one missing tooth causes a great loss when it comes to chewing.

Ideally, it is worth replacing each and every missing tooth. In case of several teeth missing, our dentists will help finding the optimal solution for our patients, involving e.g. implant-supported bridges. Dental implants can improve the patient’s quality of life to a great extent: the formerly toothless jaws become functional again, the face will be plumped up and regain its youthful and healthy shape.

Dental Implant? Do not be afraid!

Implants are placed during a small surgery under local anaesthetic. This surgery is fast and analgesic, ideally it does not last more than filling a teeth. The replacement (crown, bridge or denture) is fitted following a healing period of 3-6 months.

Prior to surgery, X-ray images and a 3D CT scan are obtained of the bones, as dental implants can be placed only in a certain width of bone. Based on the images/scans, the dentist decides on the implantation technique or the number of implants needed. The dentist also decides whether bone grafting is needed, as there are cases when there is not enough bone in the jaw and therefore implants can only be placed after augmenting the bone.

Misconceptions about tooth replacement!

1.       I don’t have enough bone for dental implants!

For placing an implant, at least a bone width of 6 mm is needed: in case of a thinner bone, bone augmentation is necessary. Bone augmentation is carried out by using bone substitutes, which are sterile, safe and tissue-friendly. In some cases the patient’s own bone is used. Bone augmentation materials build in the bones perfectly and increase their width.

Another requirement is “bone height”, this needs to be at least 8-10mm. In case of back teeth, the closeness of the oral cavity (sinus maxillaris) makes it difficult to place implants, and in case of an unfavourable anatomy, a sinus lift operation is required. In that case the bone is augmented by lifting the mucosa of the oral cavity. It is a well-tested solution for increasing the height of the bone.

implantologia_08Bone augmentation may be carried out at the same time as placing the implant, or in a rather unfavourable case the augmentation is the first step followed by a healing period of 6-8 months, after which the implant is placed.

The operation is done by the oral surgeon under local anaesthetic, during which process the dental implant is placed into the gums. Following the healing period, the replacement (crown, bridge, denture) is fitted, fully meeting both health and aesthetic requirements.


Korona és hídpótlás implantátumon

Korona és hídpótlás implantátumon

Implantátumon rögzített fogsor

Implantátumon rögzített fogsor


2.       I remain without teeth after the implantation! 

We are caring you during the whole dental process. Your dentist will make a temporary denture or bridge for you, so you will not be without teeth during the healing period and can smile free.

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