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Smile design

A beautiful and bright smile is not the exclusive privilege of celebrities; it is not a luxury and definitely not a waste of money. Quite the contrary! It is a long-term investment contributing to maintaining our spiritual and physical health. An attractive appearance, of which a nice smile is a crucial element, is often the first step towards personal and professional success. People happy about their smile and face laugh and communicate confidently. A harmonic smile is defined by the character of one’s face and his/her personality. Consequently, it is not only possible to determine but also to create the smile suiting your personality the best. It often involves only a few minor corrections; in other cases it requires the use of crowns and veneers.

The corner stones of smile design are:


Smile Design 09 másolata


Smile Design 08

The symmetry of the shape of the gums

Smile Design 07A másolata   Smile Design 07B másolata

The smile line

Smile Design 06B   Smile Design 06A

The alignment of teeth

Smile Design 05

The proportion of the “black triangles”

Smile Design 04

Teeth visible when smiling


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