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Cosmetic dentistry

Perfect smile is not a dream anymore

It is a justifiable requirement of our clients to wear natural-looking, high precision, metal-free tooth replacements.

Our dentists will recommend the most suitable treatments for you from the high-tech solutions available on both the international and Hungarian market. Within the fields of cosmetic dentistry these solutions include: crowns, veneers, inlays and bridges, presented to our patients as part of a process called “smile design”. Placing tooth jewels is also a part of cosmetic dentistry.

esztetikai_fogaszat_001In dentistry, the missing part of the tooth can be restored with the help of a crown, in case it is not possible to do it with filling or inlay. The crown protects the remaining tooth besides giving it an aesthetic look.

Veneers are extremely thin aesthetic layers of porcelain, made to match the colour and fit the shape of the front teeth and also to suit your personality.

Inlays are solid fillings of much longer life expectance than that of the ordinary fillings.  The dentist prepares the place of the inlay in the bad tooth and takes a precise impression.  The taylor-made inlay is fixed into the cavity with a special glue.

Bridges can be made if one or more teeth are missing.  In this case the neighbouring teeth should be filed since they hold both the parts of the bridge and the replacement tooth or teeth. Bridges are fixed on filed teeth with glue. A bridge can be the same as the original tooth regarding colour, shape and size. In case the condition of the neighbouring teeth is appropriate, a so-called inlay bridge can be made, which means that less tissue should be filed/taken from the teeth. It is very important however, that ideally a missing tooth should be replaced by a dental implant.

Would you like to change your smile? Are you not satisfied with the shape, position or colour of your teeth, or the size of the gaps between your teeth? Have you ever heard of smile design? With the help of the above listed achievements of cosmetic dentistry, our dentists can design and realise a magnificent smile for you, perfectly matching your personality. You can see not only in a photo or computer programme, but in real life how your new smile would suit you. In case you are totally satisfied with your teeth, but wish for some extra glitter, ask for our tooth jewels.

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