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Metal-free crowns and dental bridges

High-tech solutions for dental crowns

esztetikai_fogaszat_004At present the most advanced technology for restoring the aesthetics and function of teeth is CAD/CAM-based metal-free restorations.

We take an impression (mould) of the teeth, digitise it with the help of a 3D laser scanning device and send the information to Sweden via the Internet, where the zirconia or aluminium oxide framework (Procera, Nobel Biocare) of the crowns is prepared by computer controlled machines without the touch of human hands and excluding the possibility of errors.

The framework of the crowns is prepared by robots and has a precision of 5 microns, while an average good traditional metal-ceramic crown has a gap of 50-80 µm at the edge. Its material is entirely tissue-friendly and is highly resistant. Due to its white colour it lends itself for beautiful, natural-looking crowns/bridges. Its precision is unparalleled because of the computer-controlled manufacturing, which prevents secondary decay at the edges of the crown.

esztetikai_fogaszat_010The other type of metal-free crowns belongs to pressed ceramics (IPS Empress).

They provide an entirely natural looking and extremely superb aesthetic solution for the cosmetic correction of front teeth, be it a crown, veneer or inlay.

Their enhanced aesthetics are due to their transparent nature.

Bridges not requiring tooth filing

These bridges are bonded to inlays, meaning that the teeth neighbouring the gap do not have to be cut down but the replacement tooth is held by an inlay at both sides.
They may be made of Gradia, Empress ceramic, zirconium or ceramic bonded to a gold base.

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