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Aesthetic inlays, veneers

Aesthetic inlays

Aesthetic inlays 04

An inlay is a filling made by a dental technician after taking an impression. It is applied in cases when the missing part of the tooth is too large for using a filling.

Inlays are more attractive and more durable than fillings and are able to restore the biting surface of the teeth as well as the adjoining surfaces of neighbouring teeth (which cannot be properly restored using large fillings and therefore some food may jam between them), which is also important for the temporomandibular joints.

Aesthetic inlays 03They may be made of Gradia (plastic), traditional ceramics and pressed ceramics (IPS Empress).

Ceramic inlays are extremely nice looking. Because of the use of a special dental adhesive, the inlay forms an organic whole with the tooth, protects and supports the remaining tooth tissue.


Aesthetic veneers

Aesthetic Veneers 01A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain made to fit over the outer surface of front teeth in order to improve their appearance with minimum loss of the tooth’s own material.
Only the surface layer of the enamel is removed on the outer, visible surface of the tooth and the veneer is bonded in place with a special adhesive.

They may be made of filling materials (direct veneers) or of traditional porcelain (Empress, Procera).
They are excellent for correcting discoloration, enamel development disorders, chipping or abrasion.
HéjakThey are suitable for modifying the length of a tooth, either reducing or closing gaps between teeth.
As opposed to applying a crown, veneers require removing only a tiny amount of the enamel and very little preparation of the tooth is needed.

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