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Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy at Optimadent

Root canal treatment is often one of the most challenging dentistry tasks. It requires patience, precision, sophisticated instruments and plenty of time.

At our clinic the highly qualified dentists have all the devices at their disposal that make it possible to carry out even the most complicated root canal treatments safely and successfully.

Tapasztalt orvosainknak a komplikált gyökérkezelések sem okoznak problémát, a maximális biztonság és siker érdekében munkájukat nálunk a legkorszerűbb berendezések segítik.

Steeps of root canal therapy

gyokerkezeles_01gyokerkezeles_03The exact position of the apex of the root is determined by an electric root canal measure device and the most up-to-date nickel-titanium file systems makes it possible to access and fill curved canals with the highest precision.

This way we avoid making several X-ray pictures, reduce the exposure of patients to radiation and prepare precise root filling along the full length of the root canal.

During root canal treatment, the content of the pulp chamber is removed, the cavity is made as sterile as possible and is filled along the full length of the root with a material that ensures perfect closure. The pulp chamber is located under the hard tissues of the tooth, where the veins, nerves and connective tissues are also situated. The reason for endodontic treatment is usually pulpal inflammation, caused by bacteria penetrating into the root due to a deep decay. During the treatment, both the infected content and the infected parts of the canal are removed with the help of endodontic needles.


Steps of root canal treatment:

  1. the bad tooth, exploration of canals
  2. widening canals
  3. root filled tooth with a crown


The ideal root filling reaches the apex and fills the canal perfectly.

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