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Even 10 years of guarantee

At Optimadent Dental Clinic we are confident in the high standard of our work and in the professional teamwork of our dentists.

Your satisfaction is our top priority! We are here to solve any kind of problems.


Our clinic undertakes the following guarantee for the treatments carried out by us:

  • Crown: 2 years
  • Inlay: 2 years
  • Veneer: 2 years
  • Filling: 1 year
  • Dental implant: max. 10 years
  • Partial denture: 2 years (temporary denture is not part of the guarantee)
  • Complete denture: 1 year
  • Procera: 5 years

Under the guarantee we undertake the following:

If, in spite of proper use, the dental structure prepared by us gets damaged or broken, cracks, loosens or discolours, we undertake to repair or replace it free of charge.

Conditions for claiming the guarantee:

The guarantee only applies if the patient complies with the instructions of the dentist and the treatments recommended by the dentist, and attends regular check-ups at our clinic. The frequency of check-ups needed is specified by the dentist (every 3 months, six months or yearly).

Guarantee is does not apply in the following cases:

  • If the patient fails to attend check-ups at intervals prescribed by his dentist.
  • If the patient does not maintain good oral hygiene.
  • Incorrect use of the denture.
  • Inappropriate or not regular cleaning of the denture.
  • Damage due to improper usage, alcohol or drug taking.
  • In very a rare case pulpitis may develop after preparation. Our clinic undertakes a 6-month guarantee for pulpitis.
  • Damage due to extreme stress on the dental structure (e.g. grinding, bruxism).
  • Damages to dental structures, which were attempted to be repaired by dentists or dental mechanics working at other clinics.