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Optimadent loyality program

Optimadent loyality program

moziWe welcome new patients and, with our loyality program you can encourage your friends and family to not only get quality dental care at a practice they can trust, but you will also receive double movie tickets  for it.

Deitails of the program:

One of the highest compliments you can give us is the referral of your friends and family. You can refer us to your friends using Optimadent Referral Cards. cinemax_ajandekjegy

  • Claim for Referral Cards  at Optimadent reception or send a request via e-mail to
  • Fill out the cards and  give them to your friends and family, who are not Optimadent patients yet.
  • Get your movie tickets!  When a new patient gives us your referral card, we will send you your double movie tickets right after the referred patient completes the first dental treatment.

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